Hai sa ne jucam!


Hai se ne jucam was an event that took place last 1st  June, otherwise known in Romania as Ziua Copilului, (Child’s day). This was something new to me, because although it is celebrated in several countries all over the world, it is not so common in Western Europe. Mostly on 1st June, but otherwise often on the 23th April or in other days between May and June. On that day, children have free entrance to some museums, zoos etc. Various events are also organized.  The Universal Day of Cleebration to Children’s orgins are traced in Turkey in 1920 nand later in the World Conference about Children welfare in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1925.  . It is not though quite clear why the 1st June was selected. One of the theories is that in 1925, the general Chinese Consul from San Francisco had organized a small gathering for the orphan Chinese children, to celebrate  the Dragon’s festival. The celebration took place on the 1st of June, which coincided with the conference held in Geneva. The 1st of June is celebrated since then in several states, especially in the former communist block ones. Often, the International Day of Children is mistakenly conceived as a communist Holiday, although even the USA have started celebrating it, so it doesn’t make much sense.


What we did, was going first in the morning to Scoala Generala “Aron Cotrus”. This is a different kind of school, with an alternative way of teaching. Families struggle to let their children attend it. What it is about is to develop their competences and personality all in a system based on respect of each other, cooperation, the promotion of tolerance and comprehension between the pupils. Children are not given homework, nor marks. Children here are not to be evaluated but encouraged to develop creativity, responsibility and trust. Of course they learn the same subjects just like in other schools. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, we could not stay long time, and the children had to run indoor. But as long as were outside we played with them and had a goo d time. Some had their face painted, others played with Marina, truing to with a pen tied to a string into a bottle, whereas me and Belaid did the game with the balls to throw into the frogs’ mouths.


Later in the afternoon, after the rain stopped falling and before it resumes, we went to Parcul Copiilor, where put on our stand and resumed our games. Plus the run in the bags and tearing down pyramids of tins with balls, which the children enjoyed. In the park it proved to be quite a big event, on stage traditional dances were performed by gypsies and by the Arad local community, wearing costumes. Around 3:30, we went home, as rain resumed and we had only half an hour left. We were dead tired, but happy about our work, for we have seen the children smiling.

One week later, this event was repeated in Zimandcuz’s center, where we used to go. It felt strange to get there again and see the children. Hungary seems to begin already, before the border.  We played with them fora couple of hour, and I truly believe the children liked all our games: face painting, running with water glasses, taering down tins in a pyramid, and football.



About dariocossi

Asociatia "Dezvoltarea Resurselor Pentru Toti"- DREPT (resource development for everyone) is a non profit and non governamental organization engaged in social integration and fight against discrimination. The association makes after-school activities for disadvantaged children

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